Stantt bridges the gap between Made-to-Measure and Retail

New York based Stantt adds semi-made-to-measure Polos, T-Shirts, and Casual Button-Downs to their line of custom haberdashery.

large_stantt-custom-polo-t-shirtsI was totally ready to shit on this idea, but in researching it I’ve found nothing but positive reviews. It’s not really a unique idea, there have been players in this space before but Stantt really nailed the price.

Launching a year ago with their first button-down dress shirt, Stantt produces 75 unique sizes of shirts to find the optimal fit for your body shape. No more small, medium or large – Stantt names their huge lists of sizes after New York City streets. Now you can be sized anywhere between Astor and Woodhaven.

24426ab44dc021ce7394989f09627485_originalWith Stantt’s sizing technology developed from tens-of-thousands of body scans, they came up with a curated set of sizes which allows them to deliver the perfect fit with only 3 simple measurements. Chest, waist and sleeve length. From that they pair you with your optimum fit.

From the reviews I’ve read online from early backers, they have nailed the art of pairing you with the right size. Pricing is on-point with what I’d expect to be paying for something non made-to-measure at retail: T-Shirt in both crew and v-neck sits at $48.00 and comes in white, heather and navy.


Polo in 3 colours (drop heather, add baby blue) retails at $70.00.


and the Washed Button Down in 4 fabrics, including a chambray and gingham, clocks in at $92.00.


Price wise, not bad – But this idea could be so much better if they were to introduce a selection of luxury fabrics. Pima cotton is nice and all, but if each shirt is being custom made (given the 7 day lead time) then let me choose what I want the shirt made of. That’s an important aspect of making the “perfect shirt” that Stantt misses.

They’re currently crowdfunding their line of new products on Kickstarter. Pledge and get up to 30% off your order. Not a bad start and Stantt is certainly a brand to follow.


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