Knowledge, Comedy and Weed: The Powerful Joe Rogan Experience

With such a variety of guests and interests, as well as almost 900 episodes, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is one of the best podcasts out there. Lots of comedy, lots of learning, lots of weed.

Powerful JRE. You probably know Joe Rogan from somewhere. Everybody does. You may remember him from such childhood memories as host of the gross-out gameshow Fear Factor where contestants literally ate donkey dick, or as the bumbling repairman on the hit TV show News Radio (RIP Phil Hartman). Most likely though you know Joe as the host and colour commentator for the UFC.

Joe’s got a lot less hair today, but he’s jacked as fuck and he has a ton of insight.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” centres around Joe’s many interests: Mixed Martial Arts, psychedelics, comedy, hunting, philosophy and more. Approaching 900 episodes, the video and audio podcast has featured some huge names such as Jesse Ventura, Jay Leno, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Lance Armstrong and Adam Carolla. Joe also has a band of regulars in¬†Brian Redban, Joey Diaz and Brian Callen.

The great thing about Joe’s podcast is that it features some really intensely focused experts in their field. Whether it’s physics or hunting or productivity or kicking people unconscious there’s an episode for that. Joe strikes the perfect balance between being fun, entertaining and knowledgable. He even interviewed the MMA fighter that beat the shit out of his porn star ex-girlfriend, and my all time favourite rapper, Immortal Technique.

Enjoy my favourite episode below featuring productivity guru Tim Ferris. You can subscribe to “The Joe Rogan Experience” on YouTube and on iTunes.

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